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A letter of Comfort to the Parents and Children of Kosovo

May the joy and the blessings of our Lord Jesus Christ come upon you and your dear parents.

Many of us know what you are going through as you live in the land that is sacred and holy to you and your parents.

We know how much you like to go to school, and to play with your friends. But now it is summer and we must pray that our good Lord will watch over you and your good parents.

We also know that you are hungry and wonder what will you eat today, and maybe some food will arrive at your door of your broken down house.

Don't despair and don't give up we are trying to raise money in America so that the monks from the Decani Monastery can help you and your parents.

We are hoping that we can bring you also a cow so you can have some milk.

We know you are very hungry and your parents do care about you as they love you.

We love you too dear children so we want to help you get strong, and to be able to finish your education like other children do around the world, and to grow up to be good persons and happy ones, like our dear Christ wants us to be.

Don't get sad dear children their are some people that care about you and your parents.

We also know some people haven't been kind to you or your parents as they would like to move you away, but we know how much you and your parents love Kosovo, which is in your hearts and the joy of your day. God bless Kosovo! Long live Kosovo!

We know some of your friends have moved away and that you are lonely, and the village you live in use to be a most happy one and enjoying the day.

We know that some unkind people are stealing your animals and even stole your parents tractor. I am also sorry that they even stole your crow -we will try to get another for you.

We will try to help you and to make life a little more happier. We want to let you know some people care and love you and your parents.

Our Jesus Christ has not left you and cares about you and your parents. St. Sava also stands with you and prays for you and your parents. Also the Mother of God hears your prayers. Also truly St. Sava prays for you too!

Smile and don't give up keep your faith and love for God and His Church.

I promise you we shall help you and your parents, because we have some kind and good people who will help the fund we have set up called the The Decani Monastery Relief Fund and is at . That is the Decani Monastery Relief Fund.

May our loving God watch over you and bless you.

With the joy of our Lord Jesus Christ,

Father Nektarios Serfes,

who loves you and prays for you always.

In America, at Boise Idaho

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